EZ Health Insurance for Self Employed is a great idea! Being self-employed has its own perks. You construct your own schedule, plan your own meetings and be your own boss. However, one downside that many people tend to shut their eyes towards is health insurance. The majority of the employees get coverage from the health insurance provided by their employers. This is where the self-employed lack behind. But that doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on this crucial need. EZ health insurance providers can tackle this burden and guide you towards the best insurance plan for yourself.

This article will brief you about the various aspects of getting health insurance, so make sure to read it till the end!

Stay Away from COBRA and EZ Health Insurance for Self Employed!

COBRA is an act under federal law that allows you to avail the health insurance provided by your employer even after you leave the job. As tempting as it may sound, it is not always a good option in most cases. The net expense of COBRA is much higher than the cost of independent private health insurance. Moreover, COBRA is not a permanent solution as it is applicable for only a couple of years. Also, if you plan to move out of the city, then you no longer remain eligible for COBRA. You can submit a request for a free quote here to provide you with an ideal cost-effective insurance plan.

How Much Does Self-Employed Health Insurance Cost?

Being self-employed, you can consider some options of getting health insurance through EZ budget insurance.

You can get coverage through your spouse’s insurance plan if they have one. Other easy and affordable insurance plans are also available for small businesses. You can avail these if you have a couple or more employees working under you. Apart from that, there are numerous choices available that are budget-friendly for independent workers. A self-employed person, on average, needs to pay about 300-400$ per month in the US.

Risks of Not Getting Health Insurance Coverage

Your health is an investment, not an expense. Healthcare costs in the US can be a deadweight. Here are some risks associated with not getting health insurance:

1. Prevents Early Diagnosis

Blood-sucking hospital bills make many of us change our minds towards getting a routine checkup. Such ignorance leads to developing life-threatening health conditions. Many health insurance plans provide coverage for routine checkups as well. Regular checkups and screenings can help diagnose any illness as early as possible to save you from a big shock. EHealthQuotes provides its customers with the best insurance plan to suit their budget and needs.

2. Expensive Emergency Care

Healthcare costs are exceptionally steep, especially in the US. Expensive checkups, surgeries, and treatments can render any person bankrupt in the span of a moment. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to unexpected accidents and misfortunes. Having a backup plan can save you from the worst of it so that the only thing you need to worry about is your own speedy recovery. Your health insurance can cover up a large sum of your hospital bills and treatment costs. Otherwise, a single visit to the ER can cost thousands of dollars!

To avoid getting into such a situation, invest in a health insurance plan customized for the self-employed through EZ health insurance solutions.

3. Unable To Afford Much Needed Medications

Many health insurance plans cover the costs of regularly needed medications such as those for diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, and bone issues. Medicines are needed readily on a daily basis for these chronic diseases, and one could not afford to skip even a single dose. Therefore, they are quite expensive, and even a month’s dose can go harsh on your budget if you are not insured. On top of this, many health insurances also include the bills of vaccinations and other shots such as insulin.

EZ Health Insurance for Self Employed: Final Thoughts

So, what are you waiting for? EZ Health insurance for the self-employed is the best solution to all your future needs. Get in touch with us for your plan today!